COVID-19 Webinars and Online Events

COVID-19 Webinars & Zoom Recordings

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Responding to the Challenges of COVID-19 Webinar 

Early Childhood Leaders Managing the Stress of Working in Response to COVID-19 Webinar, in partnership with

Emergency Response Strategies to Support Young Children and Families during COVID-19 Webinar, in partnership with

Home Style Family Engagement Webinar

Seize the Opportunity: Now is the Time to Provide Remote Professional Development for Your Teachers

Penny Wise – How to Recession-Proof Your Finances

At a Time of Crisis: The BEST of us to the Front!

A Chance of Awesome: How Changing the Way You See Changes Everything

Math Strategies for Home Settings

Working with Parents to Combat their Children’s Stress and Anxiety Associated with the COVID-19 Virus

How to provide emotional support for children with challenging behaviors at home and center based-settings – a focus on infants and toddlers

Engaging Young Children in STEAM and MakerEd Explorations at Home

Imagination Yoga: Mindfulness & Movement Every Day

I Said Goodbye and You Said Hello: Strategies for Teachers to Support Parent/Child Interactions at Home during COVID-19

Solutions Webinar: The Calming Kit

Preventing Infectious Disease in Early Child Care and the Role of Technology

Facebook Live with Crayon Collection

Communication and Language in the Early Years: Exploring Key Milestones from Birth to 5 Years

Interactive Music & Movement

Grief and Loss with Young Children

Move Into Wellness

Solutions Webinar: The Future of Sanitizing – Prevent, Prepare and Respond to Infectious Outbreaks

The disproportionate impact of COVID 19, and how to provide “real” support for black/brown children and families