NHSA 2021 Winter Leadership Institute – March 9-11

Join NHSA’s 2021 Winter Leadership Institute – March 9-11, 2021 – More info at NHSA Events

A new Congress brings with it new priorities, new challenges, and new opportunities. We need you, your voice, and your stories to make Head Start’s impact heard. Now, more than ever, our Head Start families need allies in Congress.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a vast depth of inequities. Many Head Start families now face the ripple effects of this virus: lost wages and slow economic recovery, housing instability, and increased food insecurity. At the Winter Leadership Institute, we will explore meaningful policies, the role of Head Start in our country’s recovery, and meet with lawmakers to help provide a level of stability that will make all the difference. With a new administration and new Congress marking the start of a new era in Washington, we must take this opportunity to stand up for Head Start.

Are you up to the task? Join us in helping ensure this Congress is one that understands, values, and empowers the important role Head Start serves for our nation’s most vulnerable children and families from low-income backgrounds nationwide.

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